Totalitarian Tourist Attraction

Av | 20 januari 2018 | om ,

Asmara was recently added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, raising the prospect of a tourism boom for the Eritrean capital.

”Participatory Journalism” – a way to build trust in our mission.

Av | 15 december 2017 | om

In the closed Facebook group ”Mission Afghanistan”, where about 7500 members share their knowledge about deportations, Dialogue Journalism is developed. The Blankspot editor-in-chief believes that this working method promotes involvement, ensures improved features and is a way to rebuild trust in the media.

#deadline 4 084 Swedish journalists say ”Stop sexual harrassment in the media industry!” Here’s our story.

Av | 21 november 2017 | om

We are journalists. Our job is to scrutinize government, big corporations and wrong doings in society. We give a voice to the voiceless. We tell other people’s stories. We push power holders for truth and transparency.

The people behind the uprising against the Gnassingbé Dynasty

Av | 7 oktober 2017 | om ,

Tensions heightened in August 2017 after bloody clashes between loyalists of the regime and the opposition. In September more blood is shed and an embarrassing incident involving fake news hit the regime. Blankspot’s Martin Schibbye visited Togo to take the pulse before the upcoming local elections in 2018 and the looming presidential election in 2020. In May, he met with members of the growing opposition, democracy activists, university professors and students. 

Efforts to aid the tortured and falsely accused

Av | 7 oktober 2017 | om ,

For eight years, Wassila Seidou has fought to free her 75-year-old father, who is a political prisoner in Togo. After years of torture and the rough conditions in the prison, his health is deteriorating. Without his family, Issifou Seidou would have been dead a long time ago, she says. Human rights organizations in the Togolese Republic are doing what they can to stop torture and help those who are victims of the Gnassingbé Dynasty.

The Swedish Prisoner of the Gnassingbé Dynasty

Av | 7 oktober 2017 | om

After eight years in prison, and as many of gruesome torture, 75-year-old Issifou Seidou’s health is deteriorating. The Togolese naturalized Swedish citizen was captured when visiting his native country and accused of treason. Blankspot’s Martin Schibbye is the first journalist to be granted an interview with Issifou Seidou.

Johan Gustafsson on The Men Who Held Him Hostage

Av | 30 augusti 2017 | om

Johan Gustafsson is back in Sweden after almost six years as a prisoner of an Islamic terrorist organization. While most Swedish and European media outlets have reported on his release in both breaking news and follow up news stories, Blankspot has been granted unprecedented access to Johan’s observations in terms of his kidnappers and AQIM. In a long-form exclusive with Martin Schibbye, he tells the story about the people who held him prisoner.

Sweden to deport 106-year-old refugee to Afghanistan

Av | 17 augusti 2017 | om

Bibikhal Uzbeki from Afghanistan is reputed to be the world’s oldest refugee. Under difficult circumstances, she and her family escaped the Taliban’s invasion of the city of Kunduz to Sweden. Blankspot can now reveal that she is to be deported.

Nepal still in ruins

Av Bhrikuti Rai & Bikram Rai | 25 april 2017 | om

Two years after the earthquake in Nepal 800.000 buildings are still in ruins. Watch the unique 360-video documentation of how the people try to rebuild their lives from a life in tents and temporary shelters.

Sweden launches second wave of controversial Afghan deportations

Av | 27 mars 2017 | om

At the beginning of 2017, Josef Moradi was arrested and placed in a detention facility...

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