Why Greta Thunberg shouldn´t have set sails for Madrid

Av | 27 november 2019 | om , ,

There is a sort of “Greta effect” going on within many levels of society around the world. Industry after industry, non-governmental organizations and even politicians are discussing the opportunities and challenges that this high attention level on climate issues raised by Greta Thunberg creates for them. But the media attention seems focused only on Greta.

The unsung heroes

Av | 4 maj 2019 | om

In this text, Martin Schibbye focuses on the hundreds of individuals whose struggle—not least through writing—made democratic development possible in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Airlines – a source of national pride and now, international mourning

Av | 11 mars 2019 | om

OP-ED: Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 bound for Nairobi Kenya Sunday. The airline CEO confirmed that none of the 157 passengers from 35 different countries survived. The crash is a tragedy on many levels, not just because the immense loss of life, the airline is also the source of great pride for Ethiopians.

A call from Blankspot for hyper-local stories

Av | 21 juni 2018 | om

We are looking for contributions in the form of short dispatches (maximum 1000 characters including blanks) about hyper-local topics.

Farming in fragile land

Av | 2 april 2018 |

To win the Eritrean public’s confidence President Isaias Afwerki’s has sought to boost agricultural production with a series of new initiatives.

“Leaving Eritrea was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Av | 16 mars 2018 |

Convicted for fatally stabbing a mother and her child in a Swedish IKEA store, Abraham Ukbagabir is seeking to serve out his life sentence in his native country, Eritrea. But efforts to secure Abraham’s extradition have foundered, despite pleas from the Eritrean government. Sweden is concerned about Eritrea’s human rights record and the likelihood that Abraham will be tortured if he is returned. But Abraham is adamant about going home. “Whatever happens to me in Eritrea, I’ll accept it 100 percent,” Abraham said in the first interview he has granted to a journalist since committing murder three years ago. Would an extradition improve relations between the two countries and possibly pave the way for Sweden to secure the release of a Swedish journalist who has been held captive in Eritrea for more than a decade?

Totalitarian Tourist Attraction

Av | 20 januari 2018 | om ,

Asmara was recently added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, raising the prospect of a tourism boom for the Eritrean capital.

Gold rush with obstacles

Av | 16 januari 2018 |

Eritrea – a country desperate for positive publicity and investment, found new hope in the Bisha copper mine. Everything seemed great, until three former mine workers sued the company for slave labor practices and human rights violations in a Canadian court.

”Participatory Journalism” – a way to build trust in our mission.

Av | 15 december 2017 | om

In the closed Facebook group ”Mission Afghanistan”, where about 7500 members share their knowledge about deportations, Dialogue Journalism is developed. The Blankspot editor-in-chief believes that this working method promotes involvement, ensures improved features and is a way to rebuild trust in the media.

#deadline 4 084 Swedish journalists say ”Stop sexual harrassment in the media industry!” Here’s our story.

Av | 21 november 2017 | om

We are journalists. Our job is to scrutinize government, big corporations and wrong doings in society. We give a voice to the voiceless. We tell other people’s stories. We push power holders for truth and transparency.

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