About Blankspot

Blankspot is a crowdfunded digital only platform for long form journalism, reported from around the world.

Well known in Sweden as an innovative media company from the business model (crowdfunding), to the close reader relation where the journalist is more of a conversation leader in secret member-only Facebook-groups and where the creation of a story can be followed from the beginning to the end.

The content has a multi faceted creative packaging from VR to longreads and is free for everyone to read.

We also focus on how to gain trust for journalism again. We believe that the fight for journalism and free press should be carried out by the citizens.

We try and translate all our longreads in order to write for people and not only about people.

Our goal is to tell the stories that do not get told: putting the overlooked corners of the world under the looking glass.

Some of our latest published articles can be found here. We believe in creative commons licenses and all our stories and pictures from 2018 can be republished without cost.
We havent put up a paywall and we want to keep our journalism as open as we can.

We welcome story suggestions, tips, and angles or perspectives you feel are missing in today’s media coverage.

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Martin Schibbye, editor-in-chief Blankspot

Lessons learned from our campaign

Crowdfunding has become increasingly common in media ventures. But as a source of income it is nothing new. It is income that has long been classified as sales revenue. In both cases it is about readers wanting to pay for journalism.

Crowdfunding offers both opportunities and challenges. Opportunities centring on a unique reader relationship and a new passion for the journalistic craft.

Read our CEO Brit Stakston s text on how innovative media ventures can be tested with the aid of new technology. The challenges centre on journalists’ ability to run a business and to work sustainably.

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Blankspot in the media

In this interesting piece Blankspot is mentioned ”These are a few bright examples of publishers emphasizing that communities are indeed the concern of editorial teams and not just that of their ”business-side” colleagues. Sweden’s citizen-funded Blank Spot Project manages topic-specific closed Facebook groups where members can share perspectives on investigative topics that they consider underreported.”

In Sweden, Blankspot aims to cover underreported stories while promoting trust in journalism and media literacy The organisation has story-specific Facebook groups where the public can contribute their knowledge or follow journalists on reporting trips

Blankspot won the INMA-award in the category ”Best New Print Product.
Thanks to all backers!

Blankspot is featured in the latest issue of The National Union of Journalists Magazine.