Blankspot  is a digital platform for longform journalism, reported from around the world. Our goal is to tell the stories that do not get told. When journalist Martin Schibbye was released from an Ethiopian prison after 438 days in captivity, a fellow prisoner whispered “Tell the world what you have seen here.” Schibbye and the group of editors, photographers, investigative journalists, digital developers and reporters who make up the citizen-funded Blankspot are doing just that: putting the overlooked corners of the world under the looking glass.

We have published stories in English such as:

Testimony from the European Shadow State

Part 1: Eritrea – One country – two realities
Part 2: Voices from the other side
Part 3: The Dictatorship that came in from the cold

Twilight over Bujumbura
The Bureaucracy Behind the Death Cult of IS
The Swedish Guardians of the Inca Gold
A 360-interactive piece from the Kachinstate in northern Burma
Thailand Behind The Bombs
Thailands most dangerous students

How a Dictatorship Gets to Buy Swedish Fighter Planes

Johan Gustafsson on The Men That Held Him Hostage

We welcome story suggestions, tips, and angles or perspectives you feel are missing in today’s media coverage.

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Brit Stakston


Brit Stakston is one of Sweden’s most influential digital opinion makers. She debates and discusses the Internet’s impact on society and democracy. She is deeply convinced that the world is a better place today because 3 billion people are connected to the Internet. She has written two books, and is working on a third, about the digital world. As a digital strategist, she has worked with some of the world’s most powerful brands. Her CV also includes the former IT Minister´s Council on Digitalization. She is the head of Stakston AB, where she works with digital business development, digital counselling and pro bono projects for causes that inspire her and that she cares especially for. She works to help strengthen human rights by fighting for the release of the journalist Dawit Isaak, through the Kality Foundation for imprisoned journalists and the Raoul Wallenberg Academy. With the Blankspot, she wants to study see how an editorial staff can develop a creative relationship with readers.

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Martin Schibbye

schibbyeMartin Schibbye has Stockholm as his base and the world as his work place. As a freelancer he has mainly focused on reporting from South and Southeast Asia, using his feet more than Google. During a mission to Ethiopia in 2011, he was arrested and spent 438 days in jail – for doing his job. After being freed, he received the Swedish Publicists’ Association´s Award in Memory of Anna Politkovskaya, The Ludvig Nordstrom Prize and Reporters Without Borders’ Prize for Press Freedom. For a long time Martin has been seeking a model for journalists to bring unique reports directly to readers, by taking the whole process to hands. When this project is off the ground he will devote himself to giving a voice to people who would not otherwise meet journalists.

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